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Dazzler Champions
  1. panda (289 Trophies!)
  2. nana (289 Trophies!)
  3. Bafusa (271 Trophies!)
  4. tina (218 Trophies!)
  5. hogolyo (192 Trophies!)
  6. Popeye (173 Trophies!)
  7. Ferret (144 Trophies!)
  8. bristolborn (74 Trophies!)
  9. Donna1938 (71 Trophies!)
  10. jane (66 Trophies!)
  11. Minx (46 Trophies!)
  12. gametime (41 Trophies!)
  13. betty (41 Trophies!)
  14. neeraffa (39 Trophies!)
  15. karen (36 Trophies!)

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Dazzler Champions

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We would like to apologise for the recent down time & loss of the arcade. This was largely due to server migration, necessitated by a transfer of ownership by our server host. That was not the reason we were told initially for the migration and thus have lost our trust in our current server provider. So the hunt now begins again for a reliable cost-effective host. As Dazzler generates no income it is not easy to find good service & hardware that we can afford. We are currently in negotiations with various hosts to acquire the best we can on our limited budget. If you enjoy Dazzler and wish the website to continue & improve please consider making a donation, even the smallest amount can make a big difference.

Thank You Debbie & Vault (Dazzler Admin)

For those who have donated to Dazzler in 2013 and 2014, we are
extremely grateful

Many Thanks to


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Your donations will be used to help pay for server, domain,
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Hi and welcome to the new arcade!

First I would like to thank those that helped by donating as it has been a costly exercise, and a big thanks to Debbie my admin for all her hard work and support without which there would probably have been no new arcade.

Now you may think things look pretty much the same on first glance, but let me say straight away that this arcade is very different.

There are good and bad differences, there are not as many features (yet) as you may have been used to, but I shall be adding things like HOF (hall of fame scores) as soon as the modification is finished. But on the plus side there are many nice things about the new script that make it more user friendly and also much easier for me to work with. It is also very search engine friendly so over the coming months we will be found by lots more people than we ever could on the previous arcade. The script uses lots of Ajax functions which enable you to do things without having to go to a new page or window for example the Fullscreen mode simply pops out from within the page your on. I could go on & on about the technical differences but would simply bore you lol.

I hope you like our new arcade & you will stay with us

Happy Gaming Everyone

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Total Games 10,586
Categories 41
Played Today 336
Total Played 1,088,613
Members 654

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Dazzler Arcade Champions
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April 2013 (1st) baggieboy 652 Trophies (2nd) panda 471 Trophies (3rd) Popeye 466 Trophies
July 2013 (1st) panda 582 Trophies (2nd) Bafusa 462 Trophies (3rd) Popeye 378 Trophies
Oct 2013 (1st) karrie 800 Trophies (2nd) Jane 651 Trophies (3rd) nana 435 Trophies
Jan 2014 (1st) Popeye 865 Trophies (2nd) panda 813 Trophies (3rd) nana 519 Trophies

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nana (289 wins)


panda (289 wins)


Bafusa (271 wins)
Latest scores

24-04-2014 05:38baggieboy scored 87,876 playing Blocktics Random

24-04-2014 04:00jacquelynperren scored 21,375 playing Bejeweled Twist Blitz

24-04-2014 02:54ala scored 163,930 playing Atlantis

24-04-2014 02:54Ferret scored 8,590 playing NumberSign

24-04-2014 02:47Ferret scored 2,070 playing Dji Death Fails - Spot The Difference

24-04-2014 01:48COWPOW scored 9 playing AquaField

24-04-2014 01:44COWPOW scored 297,300 playing HalloweenClix

24-04-2014 01:40ala scored 1,518 playing Spider King

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